Statement on Minority Commission on Zahira Sheikh

It is unfortunate that the chairman of the Minority Commission has tried to devalue the statements of the keywitness in the Best Bakery Case Zahira Sheikh and her mother Seherunissa demanding a retrial of the case outside Gujarat. In a television interview on July 8 Mr. Trilochan Singh ridiculed Zahira’s statement to the press in Bombay and echoed the opinion of the BJP MLA who had threatened Zahira during the trial leading to the acquittal of all the accused.
At a time when the National Human Rights Commission and the entire national press has


characterised the acquittal as a miscarriage of justice and national shame, the conduct of the chairman of the Minority Commission is reprehensible. And it is not for the first time that the Minority Commission under the present dispensation has acted as the voice of those who are pursuing a majoritarian agenda.

The Minority Commission chairman should quit the job since he has miserably failed to instill confidence among minorities, instead of making a mockery of the institution that he heads.