A press statement with communalism Combat on Election Result


The resounding and clear verdict of the people of India, epitomized by the verdict in Gujarat is clearly against the politics of hatred and division and a plea for humane and just governance. The Gujarat genocide of 2002 repulsed and horrified both the people of Gujarat and India, even two years ago. In December 2002 also 49 per cent of Gujaratis voted against the political peddling of hatred despite state intimidation and terror. Yet the ruling NDA and the BJP government in Gujarat shamefully did not accept moral and physical responsibility for the carnage and gloated over their electoral victory which came after the violence.

Now, two years later, the stand of all right thinking Indians, regardless of caste and creed, stands vindicated.



The people of India have now decisively shown that the divisive politics of communalism has no lasting space in India. What all Indians want is a life of dignity and peace, a harmony that has deep and civilizational roots in this land. While welcoming this verdict, we urge the next government to re-dedicate itself to the politics of fairplay and non-discrimination and work towards eradication of poverty, hunger, hatred and division.


Rajendra Prasad
Javed Anand
Teesta Setalvad
Ram Rehman
Vivan Sundaram