Dissolution of Kerala Council of Historical Research


The production of historical research on scientific and unbiased lines is a very important task today. This is especially so for all state governments that do not subscribe to the anti-secular measures taken by the present BJP government at the centre, in the realm of education and research. It was, therefore, a most welcome step when the Government of Kerala established a Kerala Council of Historical Research early this year. The Council had an eminent historian like Professor K.N.Panikkar as its Chairman, and distinguished scholars as its members.

Much was expected of the Council, but even before it could implement its projects, the newly elected United Front Government has taken the regrettable decision to dissolve it. No one can be convinced by the argument that its functions can be performed by the newly established Gazetteers Department. While no one can have any quarrel with the proposal to prepare and publish new editions of the District Gazetteers, this work cannot possibly encompass the larger cause of promoting research in the history of Kerala as well as general history.


We are also surprised that such a step should be taken when the Congress leadership itself has been highlighting the threat of  ‘saffronization’ and stressing the need to foster the proper projection of history to our people.

We therefore call upon the Government of Kerala to immediately reinstate the Kerala Council of Historical Research. Such a step will not only be in conformity with constitutional norms, but also strengthen the cause of promoting historical research on scientific lines.

Signed by:
Prof. R.S. Sharma (former Chairman, ICHR), Prof. Irfan Habib (former Chairman, ICHR), Prof. Satish Chandra (former Chairman, UGC), Prof. K.M. Shrimali, Prof. D.N. Jha, Prof. Sumit Sarkar, Prof. Tanika Sarkar, Prof. Mushirul Hasan, Prof. Arjun Dev, Prof. Shireen Moosvi, Prof. R.L. Shukla, Prof. B.P. Sahu, Prof. R.C. Thakran, Prof. G.P. Sharma, Prof. Iqtidar Alam Khan, Dr. Neeladri Bhattacharya, Dr. D.N. Gupta, Dr. V.M. Jha, Dr.  Biswamoy Pati, Dr. Amar Farooqui, Dr. Lata Singh