Statement on Mallika Sarabhai

The manner in which noted actress and danseuse Ms. Mallika Sarabhai, is being intimidated and harrassed in Gujarat on patently trumped up charges is very disturbing. Even a cursory reading of the facts of the case, in which Ms. Sarabhai is sought to be implicated by the local police under various sections of the IPC makes it quite clear that this is being used as political vendetta by the state administration and police.

Strictly in accordance with the terms of the contract the Darpana Academy of the Ms. Sarabhai returned the money received in advance from a number of aspiring dancers who wished to go on a foreign trip but could not do so on denial of  a visa. After months of investigations when nothing tangible could be found either against the Academy or Ms. Sarabhai, the state administration and its political leadership utilised the services of a local NGO whose pro-government record is well-known to file a police case against the Academy and Ms. Sarabhai.


It is well known that Mallika Sarabhai has been in the forefront in filing an appeal in the Supreme Court of India demanding compensation and justice for the victims of the Gujarat carnage of last year. The appeal is coming up for hearing now. The timings of the filing of a case against Mallika Sarabhai is to stifle her voice that is seeking justice for the victims of communal violence. This is nothing but a blatant political vendetta and an attempt to muzzle the voice of dissent using state machinery.

We express complete solidarity with Mallika Sarabhai. We are confident that the opinion of the creative community and democratic citizens is fully behind her at this juncture. We appeal that the prime minister advise the Narendra Mody government to desist from the vindictive course of hounding Ms. Mallika Sarabhai.