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1 January 2002
Safdar Memorial: Jung Jungon ke Falsafe ke Khilaf

31 January 2002
Press conference on saffronization of NCERT syllabi/books,
addressed by Arjun Dev, Suraj Bhan, Irfan Habib

February 2002
NCERT Director’s allegations against Sahmat

6 February 2002
Press conference addressed by
K.N. Panikkar, Sumit
Sarkar, regarding non-publication of ‘Towards Freedom’ volumes

19 February 2002
Attempt to evict Sahmat from 8 Vithalbhai Patel House, Rafi Marg,
New Delhi

26 February 2002
Stop VHP congregation in Ayodhya

27 February 2002
Appeal to Supreme Court of India for suo moto action in Ayodhya

3 March 2002
The situation in Gujarat

3 March 2002
Press conference on communal holocaust in Gujarat, addressed by Prabhat Patnaik, Teesta Setalvad, Parthiv Shah

5 March 2002
Letter sent out to artists to donate paintings for relief of victims of Gujarat carnage

6 March 2002
Supreme Court judgment on Arundhati Roy

10–11 March 2002
Sahmat Fact-Finding Team goes to Gujarat Members of the team

19 March 2002
Release of preliminary report of Gujarat Fact-Finding Team:
Ethnic Cleansing in Gujarat

20–22 March 2002
Display and sale of artworks at Arpana Caur’s Gallery for Gujarat relief

23 March 2002
Gujarat Relief

12 April 2002
National Street Theatre Day. Poster released

12 April 2002
Crimes against the common heritage of humanity

26–27 April 2002
Listen to the Survivors: Genocide in Gujarat 2002

28 April 2002
A delegation including Gujarat victims meets the President of India

30 April 2002
Statements by BJP’s Uma Bharati and Vijay Kumar Malhotra on Gujarat

6 May 2002
Screening of documentary on Gujarat genocide: Evil Stalks the Land by
Gauhar Raza

10 May 2002
Tribute to Kaifi Azmi

23 May 2002
Police action in Goa against screening of films promoting communal harmony

10 July 2002
Reject call for early elections in Gujarat

12 July 2002
Unlawful detention of social activists in Delhi

14 July 2002
Convention on the present situation in Gujarat

23 July 2002
Police stop screening of video films in Mumbai

25 July 2002
Memorandum submitted to the Election Commission of India: Situation in Gujarat not conducive to a free and fair election

July 2002
Letter sent out to Friends of Sahmat for fund collection for children in Gujarat

23 July 2002
Press conference on survey conducted by Sahmat and Prashant in Panchmahal and Dahod

25 July 2002
Memorandum submitted to the Election Commission of India: Situation in Gujarat not conducive to a free and fair election

14 September 2002
Press conference on Gujarat by Sadbhawana Mission (an NRI group)

25 September 2002
Attack on Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar

4 October 2002
Press conference on new NCERT textbooks

23 October 2002
Prejudice masquerading as knowledge
December 2002–January 2003
Ways of Resistance: a month-long programme to mark 10 years of the demolition of Babri Masjid
4 December
Plays: Khade Hain Lathi Taane, Main Sachha DeshbhaktNahin
5 December
Book release: Saffronised and Substandard: A Critique of the New NCERT Textbooks
12 December
Symposium at Ramjas College, Delhi University Speakers
16 December
Film screening: Fiza, directed by Khalid Mohammad
19 December
Film screening: Zakham, directed by Mahesh Bhatt; followed by discussion
21 December 2002
Film screening: Naseem, directed by Saeed Mirza
23 December–4 January 2003
Ways of Resistance exhibition at Rabindra Bhavan New Delhi
26 December
Play: Chokkas Ahin Nagar Vasatun Hatun (Gujarati),
directed by Saumya Joshi
27 December
Play: Tum Sa’adat Hasan Manto Ho, directed by
M.K. Raina
28 December
Book release: Das Baras, a collection of poems, edited by Asad Zaidi.
Book release
30 December
Book release: Communalism, Civil Society and the State,
edited by K.N. Panikkar and Sukumar Muralidharan
31 December
Book release: Looking Back: 6 December 1992, edited by Anand Sahai
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