SAHMAT-Protest meeting at Rabindra Bhawan Lawn in support of M.F.Husain,             Baroda incident, Freedom of Expression
                    14 May 2007, Rabindra Bhawan, Mandi House, New Delhi , at 6 pm.

Artists Alert!

Dear Friends,

Even as we were holding a press conference in solidarity with M.F. Husain at the Press Club in Delhi on Tuesday, 9 May, another assault on artistic freedom took place in Baroda. A BJP leader, accompanied by the local police, entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at MS University, and attacked the work of an art student, Chandramohan, exhibited as part of the internal review process of the university. Chandramohan was arrested and is yet to be granted bail. Further, on 11 May, the university authorities closed down an exhibition of classical Indian art put up by the students and suspended the acting Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Professor Shivaji Panikkar.

We urge the leaders of all secular political parties to send their representatives/MPs to the protest meeting.

Please join us and extend your solidarity.
Ram Rahman, Vivan Sundaram




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