SAHMAT letter to the Artists for MAKING HISTORY OUR OWN

  Making History Our Own

The year 2007 is going to be celebrated as the 60th year of independence as well as the 150th year of the 1857 uprising. This year also marks the centenary of Bhagat Singh, PC Joshi, Ramkinkar as well as the launching of the Satyagraha movement by Gandhi in South Africa. As all these anniversaries overlap, there are going to be a number of celebrations across the country, and there is bound to be a surge of nationalist sentiment. We at SAHMAT have thought hard at how we can engage meaningfully and creatively with these histories in a series of projects this year.
The list of participating artists Making History Our Own

Abhimanue V.G., Abul Kalam Azad, Aditi Singh Reddy, Anjum Singh, Anita Dube, Anuradha Pathak, Arpana Caur, Arpana Caur, Arpita Singh, Arunkumar H.G., Ashim Purkayastha, Biswajit Saha, Bulbul Sharma, Deepak Tandon, Eleena banik, Enas M.J., Gargi Raina, Gauri Gill, Gigi Scaria, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Hem Jyotika, Inder Salim, Jehangir Jani, Kahini Arte-Merchant, Kavita Sukhani, Kiyomi Talaulicar, Kriti Arora, Lalita Lajmi, Manjunath Kamath, Mahula Ghosh, Meera Devidayal, Mithu Sen, Nilima Sheikh, Nitin Mukul, Pablo Bartholomew, Paramjit Singh, Parthiv Shah, Peter Nagy, Pooja Irinna, Pushpamala s, Ram Rahman, Samit Das, Shakuntala, Kulkarni, Shamshad, Shobha Broota, Sonia Khurana, Sukanya Rahman, Sunil Gupta, Tamal Krishna, Tanmoy Samanta, Tapan Bhattacharya, Veer Munshi, House, Vinayak Bhattacharya, Vivan Sundaram, Yusuf Arakkal and Zarina

Invitation exhibition at AIFACS

Sahmat invites you to the launching of their unique new art project, Making History Our Own
, at AIFACS gallery on the 30th of January, 2007. This year-long travelling project will be launched here in Delhi, to return next January after crossing the country. Artists have been invited to make work which interprets their own histories and inspirations or their own vision of the National histories which will be commemorated this year - 1857 and 1947. The collective personal visions will add up to a visual history of the arts in our country. Many senior artists and Sahmat regulars are contributing work as well as many younger and emerging artists.The Project

We propose a project titled Making History Our Own
. It occurred to us that we are all, as individuals, and in our creative practice – an embodiment of precisely those complex lineages, inspirations and personal trajectories, as well as those larger histories – which have made our culture so unique in its layering. The idea is that we make a work which acknowledges our personal roots, our inspirations, our teachers, our gurus – our own histories, which collectively will be a visual history of ourselves, made by ourselves – Making History Our Own. Our inspirations come from so many sources and cultures, from literature, from music, from dance, from architecture, cinema, from our personal experiences. Collectively expressed, this can be a unique project which becomes a visual history of who we are now. This can take multiple forms – texts, collage, digital media, photography and ofcourse paint, clay, and canvas. While the larger historical moment is celebrated, it would be significant for us to mark our own place within that as individuals.